Women in Entertainment

Women in Entertainment

The Entertainment Industry is one of the largest industries out there. Whether it’s music, acting, hosting a television show or more, entertainment is all around us. The industry is mostly male dominated, but the female population in this industry is growing. Even with the growing population, more accusations of harassment or something even worse has been brought to light. In a poll held by CNBC and LinkedIn, “52 percent in women and 49 percent of men believe that the biggest obstacle facing women is in workplace culture.” Obviously this isn’t happening for just women and not just in the entertainment industry. Anyone can be afflicted by harassment and more and anywhere. But, it seems in this industry, women seem to be the ones providing the most accusations.  

On November 13, 2019, the Country Music Awards (CMAs) were held. This year, the topic was all about women and women empowerment. The hosts were Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Carrie Underwood. When the award for Entertainer of the Year came around, the nominations for this award were Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, and Carrie Underwood. Underwood was the only woman nominated for this award. When the winner was announced, people were in shock. Garth Brooks came out on top leaving Carrie Underwood seemingly forgotten. Fans were outraged. To make matters worse, in a way, Garth Brooks mentioned many other female artists and left out Underwood. Within this year, Underwood has been through a lot to say the least. Going on her Cry Pretty 360 tour “all while managing a fitness branding, raising two babies, and writing a new book (Countryliving.com)”, that didn’t seem to be enough to win the award. All of this doesn’t even play out to all the harassment accusations some women have come forth with. 

The #MeToo movement started the beginning of many more movements for women to come forward with accusations. The Harvey Weinstein accusations also played a part in this movement and more. If you don’t know about the accusations, nearly a dozen women stepped up to say that Weinstein was saying and doing things in a way that made them uncomfortable. Weinstein was convicted of harassment and many other accounts landing him in jail and without a job. 

Marketwatch.com took a poll about where women are working when it comes to the entertainment industry. This shows just how big the female influence has on the entertainment industry to date. Here is an example on how women in the entertainment industry are becoming a big influence. 

  • Directors: 33% of independent films directed by women between the years of 2018 and 2019
  • Writers: 32% from 26%
  • Producers: 37% from 36%
  • Executive Producers: 32% from 26%
  • And Editors: 29% from 27%

Women are getting more jobs within the entertainment industry. The largest jumps were women becoming writers and executive producers for movies, television, and more. These percentages are higher than they used to be and they will only grow with the years as women are getting more jobs in the industry. 

Womeninentertainment.com is a website, platform, and get-together for women working in the entertainment industry to come forward and step up for themselves. The summit took place on October 24, 2019, but the initiative is still standing. You have the ability to step up for yourself if you feel something isn’t right. Everyone has a voice, it’s your choice if you decide to use it.