Spicy Chicken Patty Review

Jake Robertson

Have you ever wanted a review of your local high school food options? If you said yes! Then here is what you have been waiting for.  At MWHS, if you don’t like the mainline lunch choice you have a couple of other options at the a-la-carte line. There are many options to choose from! One of my favorite choices is the spicy chicken patty. If I don’t want the mainline, that’s usually what I go for! 

Things that I have heard about the spicy chicken patty from some of my fellow classmates while walking around the cafeteria are: “It’s a great second option”, and, “sometimes I’ll get this AND the mainline if I’m really hungry!” You can also hear more while you’re just walking about the cafeteria. It’s easy to see how my belief is a common opinion. Some of the pros of the spicy chicken patty include: it’s not very spicy, it can be enhanced with other toppings, and it’s a quick, easy option. All you have to do is grab it as it is; the sandwich is ready and wrapped up in tin foil. Some of the cons raised about the spicy chicken patty include: “It’s spicy.”  I know people who can’t handle any form of spice and say that the spicy chicken patty is way too spicy. Another is that it doesn’t have the greatest presentation similar to a lot of the items in the a-la-carte line. It’s about what you would expect out of a mass-produced high school sandwich. Now you’re probably wanting an actual review of the sandwich. 

Overall, I would say the spicy chicken sandwich is a mediocre food item but is a good choice if you don’t like the mainline option. It has a nice soft bun, a mediocre, at best, chicken patty, and a lot of options to add to the chicken patty. These options make up for the mediocre patty by enhancing its initial taste. It’s look isn’t amazing since it comes wrapped in aluminum foil and when unwrapped looks like chicken was slapped in between two buns. I would say this was a fun experience conducting research on one of the high school’s food options so expect another one of whatever this was.