“Knives Out” – Movie Review


McKayla Henderson, Staff Editor

With so many movies coming out right before the new year and since some are still in theatres I decided I wanted to watch one. The one that caught my attention the most was Knives Out. now today I am gonna give a movie review. And alert there may be SPOILERS. But we’re gonna start with a summary 


Knives out starts with a caretaker walks in on her patient dead. Then a while later the police call the caretaker and the family of the patient. The patient’s name is Harlen Thrombey. That night there was a family reunion. The police ask questions about what happened that night. They go through almost all the family members except one. Ransom Drysdale. But there was someone new who wasn’t really with the police. His name was Detective Benoit Blanc. He was gonna see if this was a case of suicide or a murder. Later on in the movie he claims it was a murder and starts a murder invesigation. Even later in the movie they all think the others the suspect and when it was time to hand the thing in the will. The one and only Ransom Drysdale shows up to the house. After  Ransom shows up the will was getting handed out and everything was given to Marta Cabrera, the caretaker. Everyone in the family was upset except ransom. As Marta was trying to leave the family tries to surround her car and talk to her about why she should give it to the family. Her car won’t start and just then Random comes driving up and they drive away. They stop at a restaurant and Ransom tricks Marta to spill her beans. That’s a joke if you’ve seen the movie. She explains what actually happened in Harlens room that night. Ransom swears he´ll keep what she said a secret. But later in the movie he spoils it to the police. 


That’s where I am gonna leave it I want you to watch the movie and hear the secret and the ending. What happens after Ransom tells the police? Who killed Harlen? Or was it a sucided? I guess will never find out. Unless you watch the movie. I think you’ll agree with my review of the movie. I give this movie 5/5 stars. The movie was great. It really gave it suspense. The plot was clear and it sticks to its plot and theme really nicely. The actors who play the characters really helped bring out the characters personality and emotions. The film and camera angles fit perfectly and really get you really  into the story. I really recommend this movie so if you want to see it look at your closest theatre to see if its one of your options.