MWHS Teachers Tackle eLearning


Mrs. Wallace enjoying a family walk

Cody Alvarez, staff writer

What is eLearning? Covid-19 has forced the governor to shut down the state and have students learn strictly from the safety of their home. eLearning can have many challenges that go into it. There are also many things that people like about eLearning. Here, we hope to highlight teachers here at MWHS and how they are handling distance learning. 

Ms. Morinville, Chemistry teacher at MWHS said that she is “most surprised by how little time I have during the day. I see social media posts about people doing all these at home projects and I think, I’m so exhausted after dinner, I can’t imagine doing anything more.” Ms Morinville says she takes a long morning walk before school starts and she says that she really enjoys those walks.

We then went on to ask Ms. Landon how things were going and she said “ As a teacher, the hardest thing about distance learning has been trying to get students to do their assignments.  It is tough to motivate students who are easily distracted with other things and they push off their school work. I try contacting them personally via email and when that doesn’t work I contact the parents via email or phone.  I can only hope the parents can help me in getting them to work” She said she really likes not having to wake up to an alarm and getting to be more relaxed starting her day. Ms. Landon said she doesn’t like how much time she spends on the computer and it can be a lot sometimes. 

Mr. Hiebert said “ I’m extremely lucky that my family is all home together.  Getting to see my wife and kids a lot more has made the lack of interactions with coworkers and students manageable.  We’ve had our own Wii Olympics tournament (I finished 3rd out of 4) played Monopoly (I got killed) and have done a lot of really fun family stuff.  Like a lot of other people, I’ve gotten a lot of projects around the house that I’ve put off forever finished, so that’s been positive too.” Mr. Hiebert also said he misses his interactions with his students, coaches and co-workers. 

Mrs. Wallace has some advice for their students, “ Try to enjoy your family.  Get outside especially when the sun is shining. Take the Governor’s orders seriously – staying home will make a difference.  Reach out to teachers and school if you need help. I definitely miss seeing family, friends and students. We were supposed to spend spring break with mom in Florida and had to cancel. She usually comes home in April, but now may not return until July or August so that has been hard, but we are trying to do regular chats”  Mrs. Wallace also likes to take walks and try cooking new dinners and sharing them with her family! 

eLearning can have its ups and its downs, but I think MWHS teachers are doing a great job looking at the bright side and seeing how we can make the most of this difficult situation!