Teachers Point of View: Distance Learning


The Lenz Family enjoying some outdoor time

Lilly Johnson, Staff Writer

In the few past weeks online learning has become the new normal for teachers and students alike. So how has online teaching been like for teachers, and what have they been doing in their free time? These are questions I bet a lot of students are wondering about. So I decided to interview some of the teachers of MWHS to get some answers and more details. 

The first teacher I interviewed was Mr. Robinson. Since the break Mr. Robinson has had a lot of free time, he has been cooking, spending some time outside in the beautiful weather and catching up on reading.  Mr. Robinson said that his favorite part of online learning so far has been learning new ways to communicate and deliver content.

Even though Mr. Robinson is enjoying the online learning so far, he can’t wait to get back into school. He says his favorite part of school is the buzz in the morning before school starts and making bonds and  communicating with teachers and students alike. When I asked Mr. Robinson said the most difficult part of online learning has been so far he said it would definitely have to be not seeing colleagues and students in real life. Mr. Robinson does however give a great piece of advice for students about distance learning “create a daily schedule and make lists on what you need to do then you will be successful on everything you do” Mr. Robinson seems like he’s doing great during the break, so let’s check in with another teacher. 

Mr. Lenz’s break has been nothing but boring with his busy schedule and new baby. Mr.Lenz says that his favorite part of online learning so far has been being able to find new resources and being able to use those in future learning. He is also enjoying the new found free time, so he can now spend with family by going on walks with Mrs.Lenz and Everett and their dog Kirby.

Even though Mr. Lenz likes online learning so far because he gets to be around his family more especially the new baby, he misses working from school and teaching in a traditional sense. One of the downfalls of online learning for him would be not being able to see the students on a daily basis. He says, “I love working with and forming relationships with my students. It energizes me everyday, it’s just not the same through a computer screen.” In addition to Mr. Robinson, Mr.Lenz also leaves the students with this advice. You can only control two things: your attitude and your effort, so bring a positive attitude and maximum effort as often as you can but also remember to pursue Excellence not perfection.

Now that we know what the teachers have been up to during distance learning, we can now learn a little bit more what to expect. Hopefully distance learning won’t last too much longer but things are looking up Westonka