Hearing the Voice


Cody Alvarez, staff writer

Being a senior in high school is a magical time. It is the last year of a 12 step journey that has been quite the ride. The moment every kid is excited for is graduation and getting handed a diploma. During this Covid-19 pandemic that magical time could be ruined for the class of 2020 all over the world. However, Mound Westonka High School Principal, Mr. McIlmoyle is working to make this time as special and possible. 

On Principal McIlmoyle’s Instagram @mwhsprincipal, he has committed every day since April 3rd to post a picture in honor of the 2020 class. He said “ (Class of) 2020 has made their mark here. It’s reflected on our wall & through our student culture” Through this gesture, you can see Principal Mcllmoyle has a true care for the class of 2020. The class of 2020 was the first 8th grade class that Mr. McIlmoyle had as the leader of our school. Mr. MIllmoyle also stressed how much respect he has for the student body and student voice.“ Today, we convened a student Town Hall for just seniors. Student voice has always been very important to me and will continue to. At no point has this class been challenged with something so great collectively and they are up for the challenge in becoming closer and leaning into this challenge and leaning on each other.” Mr. McIlmoyle reached out to the senior class and talked about possible graduation formats and shared that MWHS is committed to holding a virtual or live graduation for the class of 2020. 

Principal McIlmoyle despite the hard times also always has a great attitude and has an optimistic outlook at difficult times. He said that “I am convinced we have a resilient student body, and staff. We will get through this and come out stronger as a school community. At some point, students might feel they are lost. But we learn from challenging situations like this that as often as people might feel isolated or lost, we are lost together. We’re always better together and we will get through this together”.  One way he tries to honor the class would be putting class of 2020 yard signs on every seniors front lawn. This effort was put together by Mr. MclImoyle, Mr. Peterson and senior parents as a way to let them know that MWHS is still thinking about them. 

During these difficult times it is important to remember that the staff at Mound Westonka High School is always here and looking to help in any way possible. “ Together or apart, it’s always a great day to be White Hawk” (Mr. McIlmoyle).