The Music in Me


Connor Nelson shares music as a day brightener

Lilly Johnson, Staff Writer

Online school may  become the new normal for many students at MWHS, but for our choir and band programs they are using technology to stay connected during.the distance learning.  In addition to practicing music, they also have tried some new exciting projects and activities to stay connected through this difficult time. Both of programs recognize how important it is for them to stay connected to each other and the community through the music. 

Mrs. Newell, MWHS Choir Director, has created several fun projects for the choir students. Their first project was Music in Me and for this project they were asked to write an original piece or sing a chorus of a song that means something to them and helps inspire them. Another project they tried was called Standing Stone. This project asked the students to teach a family member the standing stone warm up. The choir program is also working on recognizing the seniors and all their hard work and dedication to the choir program. You can see these senior recognition on their Facebook and Instagram pages.  Currently, the MadJazz group is  working on a big virtual project.  Look for more details in the weeks to come.

Mrs. Chilson, MWHS Band Director, has also creative and fun band activities to connect her students.  Their first project was a personalized project where they taught themselves a song and sent it to someone who needed to pick me up.  Students incorporated props, pets and family members to add to their projects.  Another fun activity the bands students participated in was a porch concert.  This was part of a national music movement.  Students outside on Tuesday, April 7th and put on a performance for their neighbors. The band students have also stayed connected through weekly activities planned by the band council, a student leadership team, Mondays are trivia parties and Thursdays are movie nights. These events help students connect socially during distance learning.  Additionally, the seniors are working on a virtual concert that we are all excited to see.

The MWHS Band and Choir programs have found ways to creatively connect students and the community through music.  We can’t wait to see how other activities and programs will stay connected through this difficult time.