Working During Quarantine


Local Businesses Keeping Students Busy

Lilly Johnson, Staff Writer

We might be in the middle of a pandemic, but life remains busy for teenagers who are still holding down a job. This week, we feature some of those students to find out what life is like balancing the quarantine and work.

Lilly Johnson, a junior, works at Asian Bistro.   For me, “I already work doing takeout, so it hasn’t changed much for me. But it sure has got busier.”  Currently, the restaurant isn’t taking that many new safety precautions, just the usual, like trying to wash hands as much as possible and washing down the phones. Johnson says her hours have gotten longer through and the restaurant keeps pretty busy.  However, she feel safe, “Luckily for me my restaurant doesn’t involve me interacting with many other people  so it’s a pretty safe job to have during the quarantine.”

Celia Kolb, MWHS junior, works at Presbyterian homes as a waitress. She says her job has changed a lot. The restaurant is currently closed, so now she is doing dishes and delivery.  “It’s much slower than usual.”  Kolb explained only people she really sees now are her co-workers and she doesn’t see the residence as much as she used to. At Presbyterian Homes is going through a lot of safety requirements and changes to make sure everyone stays safe since residence are more at risk.   These include lots of social distancing, gloves and masks. She says, “I can’t wait for social distancing to be done and so I can interact with all the residents again.”  Noting this is one of her favorite parts of the job. 

Many people might be worried about students working and the safety during the pandemic, but as long as they follow the safety requirement it can be a fun way to cure the boredom during this tough time. As with the future, who knows when people will be back to their normal jobs, but we hope soon.