Life As a Stay At Home Student


Reinert’s Distance Classroom

Cody Alvarez, Staff Writer

During these unprecedented times students have to quickly find a new way to learn school material in an effective manner. Having a good study space is a very important part of the recipe to being successful at online school. I interviewed Brady Reinert, junior at MWHS, about his experience so far with distance learning. 

Brady first described where he does most of his school work. He works mostly at a desk in his room with a iMac, chromebook and a desk lamp.   He said he set this space aside because there is privacy and it is a comfortable place to work for hours on end everyday. He usually spends about three hours doing school day in and day out.  Since his older brother and sister (Parker and Dana) have already graduated, he does not have any classmates and sometimes feels lonely. Though he does not have any contact with classmates in person, he keeps in touch with his close friends (Jordan and Cody) virtually through messaging and Facetime. Brady said although it is not the same, he is happy to still have contact with friends. 

So what is the biggest change for Brady? “Waking up later than my normal:7 am, and not leaving my room for 3 hours.”  Brady admitted it is nice to not get up so early, but it is hard to sit for 3 hours on end and work for that long. When asked to consider what he likes and dislikes about distance learning, he responded, “I like how I can take breaks whenever I want and I can work whenever I want, but I don’t like how nothing is hands on like for my engineering class we can’t build our prototype.” Most of all, Brady misses seeing all his friends everyday and leaving the house. 

Learning from a distanced can be rough and challenging. It is important to make the best of the circumstance and stay positive. This is one example of how a MWHS student is embracing these challenges and doing his best!