Making a College Choice


Cody Alvarez, Staff Writer

Being a senior and getting accepted into college is a major milestone. Finally, after four long years of hard work, it is finally paying off for students. But now making the choice of what college to attend, can be a hard choice. MWHS senior Emma Mack shares the reasoning behind her choice of college.  

This fall Emma will be attending The University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Here is what led her to this decision.  “I love the location and the atmosphere of the school. I also wanted a school in the Big 10.” Emma wants to pursue a career in business because the MWHS DECA program has inspired her.  This helped make Madison a frontrunner  “Madison has one of the top business programs in the Midwest.”  Emma does not know what major she will choose; she has interests in both marketing or finance and realizes those choices can easily change in the future.  

It is really inspiring to see how our Whitehawks are moving up through life and going big with their future. Emma has made one of the biggest decisions and that is really cool! Go badgers!