Best of Streaming during COVID19


Cody Alvarez, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has forced millions of Americans to turn into a real life hermits of, some sorts. With everything in the state closed, it is hard to stay occupied and busy during this crazy time. So what is the one activity we all do when we are forced to be inside? Watch Netflix, Hulu and other popular streaming services. Being at home for the past two months has given me time to review the top sites and shows to watch during COVID-19. 

Netflix was founded in August 1997. Today it serves 182 million people all over the world. With lots of popular and classic movies to offer they do “Netflix Originals” as well. The most viewed show  on Netflix is Orange is The New Black. Topping out at 105 million views this is the show that has people come running to Netflix the most. My most favorite thing on Netflix would have to be Breaking Bad. I started Breaking Bad and finished all five seasons in under two weeks. The next most popular streaming service would be Hulu. Hulu was founded October 27 2007. Hulu offers more of a cable TV experience. You can watch live TV with live channels or you can watch past episodes of current TV shows. Hulu also offers lots of movies as well. Like Netflix they do offer a “Hulu Originals.” One of the more popular shows is Little Fires Everywhere. My personal favorite on Hulu is watching sports. Finally, there is Disney+. Disney+ was founded November 12, 2019 and has reached millions of people. Disney+ offers all of their popular hit movies and TV shows. My personal favorite series to watch on Disney+ would be the Marvel Universe. I absolutely love Tony Stark and Iron Man. Watching the Avengers movies I think is so cool because of all the aliens they fight. 

COVID-19 has been a drag. Watching and binging these streaming, services can help pass time and make it go by faster. Hopefully, we can stop watching all these soon and get back to normal life.