Netflix Must Watch Shows


Lilly Johnson, Staff Writer

The world has changed a lot since the stay at home order was enacted.  People have way more free time, which means watching a lot more TV than normal. Since I fall into that category, I decided to watch and review the five top tv shows and movies popular among teens and young adults on Netflix to recommend what is really binge watch worthy or what is a waste of time. 

The first show I decided to watch was The Outer Banks. The Outer Banks at the time of publication was number three on Netflix and is currently going viral on the internet. So I decided to give it a watch, I hadn’t even seen the trailer so I went into watching this completely blind. I was pleasantly surprised by the plot; there is never a dull moment in this show.  And yet, I do have to admit through in the first episode I felt myself getting quite bored on multiple occasions. The first episode will get you hooked immediately. The show is well crafted and well written it will make you giggle smile and cry.  From the characters to the adventurous plot theses teens get the selves into, it is absolutely addictive. I would definitely recommend the show if you like adventure, good character arcs and teen characters you can relate too.  I would rate this show a 8/10 for its characters and the interesting plot; however I do think it lacked the same excitement and energy. I do however like how they also handle difficult conversations and points throughout the series. I think this show definitely deserves a watch. 

The next show that I watched was A Trial by Media and is fifth on the top trending movies and TV shows on Netflix. I watched the trailer for this TV show, but it didn’t give me much information about exactly what the tv show would center around.  This show follows 6 criminal cases and how they were affected by media.   I only watched a couple of the episodes, but plan on watching more after this. The show follows a very similar format to a mix between 20/20, Dateline and Forensic Files. If you are interested in crime or documentary shows, I would highly recommend this. Every episode is very thought-provoking and will really make you question if the court made the correct decision or not.  It also shows how big of an impact did the media end up playing in the final decision. The episodes are never boring and have many twist and turns you won’t see coming. I would give the show a 10/10 rating I really like how they portrayed each case and gave plenty of detail.  They also had laughable moments throughout the show making fun of other lawyers or judges in some points.  This it reminded me of Tiger King. This show is definitely something you could binge watch and if you love documentary series this is for you.

The next show I watched was actually a movie, The Half of It. This is currently ranked eighth on Netflix. The movie follows a similar plot to Sierra Burgees Is a Loser, but is ten times better.  This movie follows two teens in a small town, straight A student, Ellie Chu has a business writing essays when she runs into Peter, a semi popular football player, who wants her to help him write letters to the girl he likes and follows what happens when they both start falling for the girl in the letters.   I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The character seemed very realistic and so did the setting I liked how they describe the small-town life. I also liked how they showed cultural differences with the town and the development of Ellie and her father’s relationship throughout the movie. Overall, I through this movie was adorable.   It shows a young teen girl trying to figure out who she is and forming long lasting friendships. This movie will make you smile and cringe and cry. If you are a lover of romantic comedies for teens or liked To All The Boys I Loved Before I would highly recommend this movie for you. I would rate this movie a 9/10. The only part of this movie that was lacking for me was the ending; it could’ve been done better and made the plot more clear.

The next show I watched was Never Have I Ever, a new Netflix original series. The show highlights the life of a Hindu teen in modern America and her Indian family and culture while she is trying to work her way around high school and still remaining being a normal teen girl. Overall, I thought the show was really good. It is very funny and always keeps you on your toes with his quick wit and humor and its relatable lines.  It reminded me of the shows One Day at a Time and I’m Not Okay With This; it was if these were mashed into one show. If you like a quick series that is funny and still family friendly, I would definitely recommend the show. I would rate this show a 8/10, the characters could have gone through more of character development, but besides that I actually really enjoyed the show.

The last movie that I watched was The Perks of Being a Wallflower. By now, I’m pretty sure a lot of people have seen this movie,  but it was just recently get added to Netflix.  So I decided to rewatch it,  I haven’t seen it in a few years. This movie is definitely a classic based on the novel of the same title. This movie follows Charlie, a socially awkward teen, and his new friends, Sam and Patrick, as they wander their way through high school, the joy of friendship and first loves. This coming of age film is amazing and shows the ups and downs of teen life. However, the ending to this film is sad and you might want some tissues before starting,  but it also gives messages of hope and inspiration. I would recommend the movie if you have not watched it. It’s definitely something you need to see before you end high school. I would rate this movie a 8/10.

After watching all the shows and movies on Netflix, it definitely shows how much it has to offer. So happy binge watching and I hope you take some of my recommendations.