Distance Learning Can’t Replace Traditional School


Lilly Johnson, Staff Writer

Since March, students at MWHS and around the country  changed to online schooling or distance learning due to the Covid outbreak. Since everybody is now doing distance learning, people have lots of new options on this topic. The real question: is distance learning worse or better than traditional schooling? I believe that distance is learning is worse than traditional schooling. 

Here are some reasons why students don’t like distance learning.  First, many students say they have difficulties with being able to understand new lessons without the one on one  they are used to having with their teachers in school. Another reason students do not like online school is the lack of social interaction and not being a. ble to hang out with our friends. It also is much easier to fall behind for students who lack time management skills.

With this new way of learning, it can also be hard for students to stay motivated during these weird times.  Traditional learning is also better at giving immediate responses or feedback while with distance learning takes more time. And it is harder to get help if you are having a hard time on a class or an assignment.

Overall, I think that online schools is less helpful than traditional schooling. By hopefully next year we will be back to go back into traditional school.