Distance Learning is Better Than Traditional School


Jaiden Christianson, Staff Writer

Online learning is a great way for students to stay focused on their work and get it over with when they start the day while simultaneously retaining most information thrown at them. “online courses have increased student retention rates from anything from 25% to 60%.”.

Classes are also more adapted to how the student wants to spend their time and space out their classes and working time. It gives them more freedom. “it’ll work just as well if they can set aside half an hour from their lunch break each day.” Now that students have this freedom, it makes them understand they have time to work, ponder, and ingrain the information they learned into their heads. This allows them to really know what they need to work on and what they can do well already. “They are able to move faster through areas of the course they feel comfortable with, but slower through those that they need a little more time on.Constant learning through the internet can help the student stay focused on work, really getting stuff done without face-to-face distractions they would encounter at a traditional school. For example, friends talking, teacher interrupting the class, general chatter, etc.

Now that is all out of the way for students they now feel more inclined to do work and do well. “research from Harvard showed that using these short, regular tests halved student distraction, tripled note-taking and students’ overall retention of the content improved.”. That is why I believe distance/online learning is more effective than traditional learning.