The Traditions Of A Whitehawk Homecoming Come To A Halt?


Rayna Myers

This year’s Homecoming looked completely different from other years. Living in a pandemic has challenged us as a community to decide what we should allow and what things should be improvised. Although Mound Westonka didn’t have a Homecoming Dance, a Parade, or really any traditional Homecoming activities we typically have…We nonetheless had a Homecoming. 

It was a lot harder coming up with fun ideas that would make Homecoming feel like it usually does. This is a whole week to show our school spirit and participate in being a part of the Mound community. It was challenging to replace activities that are custom to the Mound Westonka tradition, but as a school we tried our best to make it work.

 On Friday we had our Homecoming football game. There were fewer people in the stands allowed to cheer on the boys, but our community packed the stands as tightly as they could to support them for this season’s game. The cheerleaders weren’t allowed to stand on the sidelines and cheer this game, so they sat up in the Hawk’s Nest with the other students and cheered on the Whitehawks football team as loudly as they could.

Student Senate created a fun scavenger hunt for the school which was new this year. This was a hunt for a Homecoming Medallion located somewhere near the school. There were clues posted on the MWHS twitter page that gave out the first clue on where to look for it. So, this was a fun activity to stay socially distanced while still having fun.

 We also had a traditional Homecoming Court this year. The students on the court had to socially distance and wear masks. We also had our Junior Court as well. The difference from this year is that there was not a packed gym to see the students on the court walk down the red carpet.

Our dress up days didn’t change, other than the fact that half the students were at home 3 days during the week. It was still a fun time where you could submit photos and tag the school to be featured in the yearbook. Another thing our school pursued to do for the first time in history was a pep fest. Now, this pep fest wasn’t like other years where everyone gathers around in the auditorium and gets riled up for their Homecoming. This was a virtual Pep Fest that included a Pep Band and graduates of the school. This video provided some advice on how to make this a fun and safe Homecoming and attempted to lift our spirits in this unforeseen time.

Another tradition that was changed was the Homecoming dance. Although we didn’t have a Homecoming dance, students still decided to dress up and take pictures with their friends and family. This was a fun way to still be able to dress up and get the feeling of Homecoming without the school dance we are traditionally given every year.

All things considered, Homecoming was as fun as you made it yourself. If you attended all of the various activities that the school provided like the Medallion Hunt, the Virtual Pep Fest, and the school dress up days… chances are you had a better Homecoming compared to other students. If you didn’t do anything related to Homecoming and this week just felt like a regular school week, that would be your fault. All students were encouraged to get involved in the Homecoming 2020 festivities!