Small Support Big Impact


Cody Alvarez

During this pandemic it seems as though small businesses have been hit the worst by the forced government mandates. According to one report, during the first surge of the pandemic small business revenue was down 40% and 40% of all small businesses had to close. Some may never open again.. Small business is what makes America spin and they play a key and vital role in the economy. What can you do to support your local and small business? 

While having to go social distance and wear masks is becoming more and more annoying to have to do, people are becoming more hesitant to want to go out shopping. Why go out when you can sit from the comfort of your couch? Buying online is just as important to the health of these small businesses as going in person.

Another good way to do this is to just buy gift cards. You may not buy stuff now because of the pandemic but in the future when we are beyond this you can use them while in the meantime you are supporting the fabric of what makes America great, small business.

Some popular small businesses you can support locally would be Lunds, Holiday and Minneco all located in Navarre. Popular eateries you can show support to would be Scotty B’s, The Narrows, Carbones and Dakota Junction. Posting on social media about your favorite small business can also help.  Tell your followers to buy gift cards and to buy and shop online. If you want to support restaurants, order take out for those who are willing to do so. Ordering take out once or twice a week can go a long way to helping small businesses get along. 

Through this pandemic we have been through a lot. Small businesses have been hit like a wrecking ball. Hopefully we can all take some time and reach out to support our local small business!