Meet Mr. Kluever: New Art Teacher


Jon Hoffmann

Teachers come and go on the daily in our classrooms bouncing from job to job in hopes of the perfect position is a possibility for any new teacher. Today, I would like to introduce an amazing new staff member. This year we gained a new Art teacher at Mound Westonka High School. Full of drive and spirit Mr. Kleuver. I emailed Mr. Kleuver a set of questions so we can really dive deeper and get to know him together. 

Mr. Kleuver loves art and that’s very important to him in his daily life so he wanted to teach it. Mr. Kleuver attended the University of Iowa and said being a freshman can be scary at first but it gets better as you go. Mr. Kleuver also said he loves working at MWHS because of how open and welcoming our staff and students are. I asked Mr. Kleuver if teaching was hard and he told me, “I suppose, on the spectrum of difficulty, it falls somewhere between a brain surgeon and a parking lot attendant…but I cannot say for certain because I’ve held neither one of those jobs.”

Mr. Kleuver is a new and energetic teacher who wants to spread his love of art to students who might share the same passion. He became a teacher because “I have always loved creating and learning about art.  As my skills and knowledge in this area increased, I became interested in sharing what I know.” Mr. Kleuver loves his position at Mound Westonka High School and loves his students as well. We are excited to welcome him to our staff this year.