MWHS Student Becomes Newest Social Studies Teacher


Jon Hoffmann and

Teachers come and go on the daily in our classrooms bouncing from job to job in hopes of the perfect position is a possibility for any new teacher. It’s hard to find a great teacher and what makes a teacher great? In my opinion it’s all about drive and passion. You have to have a passion to teach to be a good teacher. This new teacher at Mound Westonka High School shows a ton of drive and passion. Today, I would like to introduce an amazing new staff member. This year we gained a new Social Studies teacher Ms. Williams, I emailed Ms. Williams a set of questions so we can really dive deeper and get to know her together.

Who is Ms. Williams, well Ms. Williams went and graduated from the college of Saint Benedict’s. She then continued her education at Saint John’s university. Did I forget to mention that she also got the chance to study in India for six months. How cool is that our very own Mound westonka teacher studied in India. Ms. Williams also commented on how much she loved and enjoyed her students. She said “ I am extremely happy that I am teaching. I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher, especially at MWHS. You heard it here first folks Mound Westonka is the school to teach at. We are very glad we have Ms. Williams here teaches because not only does she care about her students she is dedicated to working hard with every student to make sure they pass. 

I asked Ms. Williams how hard it was to be a teacher because I don’t think people understand the amount of work teachers have to do. She said “Being a teacher is difficult, but extremely rewarding. I love connecting with students and helping them discover their passions in life”.  I think that’s a great answer and really shows how dedicated she is to teaching. I also asked her what steps are needed to become a social studies teacher. She said it’s a long process, but worth it. She had to Major in Social Sciences with a minor in Secondary Education. Ms. Williams is also a Mound Westonka High School graduate, graduating in the class of 2014. Six years later and Ms. Williams is back in her high school teaching another generation of students. We are very proud to welcome Ms. Williams took MWHS this year and in hopes of many good years in the future.