Rayna Myers

Mound Westonka High School’s Student Senate has been working very hard to come up with fun and safe ways to involve their students this year. It is harder for them to come up with engaging ideas due to all of the regulations everyone has to follow. However, after lots of planning, they have come up with School Survivor week! You may be asking yourself, “What in the world is School Survivor week?!” Well, simmer down and you can learn all about it. I sat down with Laura Sunnarborg from Student Senate to make sure all of your questions were answered

What Is School Survivor Week?
This is a week where we will have multiple different competitions that students can participate in. Laura says in the interview that, “The main point is to raise school spirit and it should just be a lot of fun!”

How Many Survivors Can There Be?
There are a limited amount of survivors! There are only FIVE students chosen from each grade. Picking students is based off of a first come first serve basis. There is a total of 25 students competing to be the ultimate winner.

-Please note- “If in one grade there are only four people that sign up, then other people can step into their spot.” – Laura Sunnarborg


How Can You Get Picked To Be A Survivor?
There will be a Google Form that will be communicated later where students can sign up to be a survivor for their grade. Again, this is first come first serve. You should sign up to be a survivor as soon as you can because it is expected for slots to fill up quickly based on lots of interests to participate in School Survivor week.


What Kind Of Activities Are Part Of School Survivor Week?


There will be physical activities and also activities that you can complete just simply sitting down.

What You Should Know About School Survivor Week:

  • Going to be a bunch of FUN
  • FIVE PEOPLE per grade are going to be chosen
  • For ANYONE 8-12th grade
  • BOTH physical and non-physical activities
  • You can participate as an ALL-DISTANCE Learner and do it all at home
  • You can participate as an IN-PERSON Learner
  • Great opportunity to MAKE NEW FRIENDS
  • All participants get a FREE T-Shirt!
  • EVERYTHING is approved by administration

When Is School Survivor Week?

  • Sign Up: Week of April 5th
  • Sign Ups Due: April 12th
  • Survivor Challenges: April 19th through April 23rd

Make sure that you stay up to date with Survivor Week and you are signed up! This is a great opportunity for students in all grades to be competitive and get to know each other. This week will bring students together after a bizarre school year for a set of safe and fun activities. Remember that slots are likely to fill up fast, so secure your spot as soon as you can! Thank you to Student Senate and Laura Sunnarborg for giving us more information about School Survivor week! If you have any questions you can get a hold of Mrs. Harms or anyone from Student Senate.